Elizabeth Wheeler to Discuss Challenges of Today's Economy on South Bay Woman Radio Show

PPG CEO Elizabeth Wheeler will be a guest on Linda Koss' weekly radio show South Bay Woman this upcoming August 7th, at noon PST. To listen to this broadcast live, click here.

Ms. Wheeler will be discussing the joys and challenges of being CEO of PPG while staying competitive in today's rocky economy.

Ms. Koss is the founder/editor of the monthly magazine South Bay Woman, a free publication dedicated to providing vital information and education to women, their families, friends and co-workers. For more information about this upcoming show, please visit www.southbaywoman.com or www.healthlife.net.

PPG Launches Premiere Purchasing Program

PPG is helping budget conscious companies purchase top-tier furniture via our new Premiere Purchasing Program.

Our Premiere Purchasing Program is perfect for companies looking to buy all-new pieces or update an existing look. The products included in the program were chosen based on their value with respect to price.

In addition, PPG offers a flexible leasing program which provides companies with another means of obtaining the products they want without a large outlay of cash.

PPG's Premiere Purchasing Program is being advertised through a variety of publications in the Burbank, Glendale, Los Angeles and Orange County regions.

For more information about how you can take advantage of these great offers, simply click here, or contact us at 1.213.687.4206 or info@ppg-la.com.



PPG Receives CMAS Contract Approval

Last month PPG's application for a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract was completed and approved by the State of California.

The award was based on Haworth's General Services Administration (GSA) contract prices and will enable qualifying government agencies to purchase directly from PPG with ease.

The contract offers our products at prices that have been assessed to be fair, reasonable, and competitive.

Use of the contract is available to both California State and local government agencies.

For more information about this program, simply visit the CMAS web site at: http://www.pd.dgs.ca.gov/cmas.

For more information about how your government agency can purchase through PPG, contact us at 1.213.687.4206 or info@ppg-la.com.